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About Rivesh: Master Trainer - Sound & Frequency

Rivesh Vade : Academically an Engineering Post-graduate and executive management from IIT Bombay. With an extensive background in marketing, product and business management, Rivesh uses a unique approach to Coaching Principles. 

He is a life coach & his study in the field of  Sound, Frequency, Navel Awakening, epigenetic, DNA & Energy psychology helps him understand how the environment from early childhood impacts the development of the person. 

A Sound & Healing Frequency


Frequency healing, also known as vibrational healing has been used successfully all over  the world for centuries. .


Just think! You have the chance to better yourself... reach your goals... attain your ambitions... and be the kind of person you desire to be. 

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Rivesh Vade who is welknown Sound & Frequency Master Trainer. People who attened have experienced transformational shift in their life. In Workshop, people are Healed with divine sound and frequency across world.

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The Upcoming Programs Are..

Navel Activation with Sound & Frequency Mumbai, 14-15 November 2015 - Retreat Program Near Mumbai

I AM Retreat - 14- 18 Nov, Near Mumbai

For more details visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/478651698979796/